Solace 40 – Top Tips for Rest & Recovery

As those miles start to increase, make sure you’re looking after yourself in between workouts. Check out these top tips, from PT coach and Solace 40 participant, Strive Sessions, about how to prevent injury. 

When training hard it is so important to also recover hard! The higher the intensity and length of exercise is the greater need for rest and recovery exists. Good recovery means you will recover quicker, allowing for more time to work out, enhance performance and decrease the likelihood of injury therefore making your training more sustainable.

The key principles of rest & recovery can be broken down into 4 R’s: 
  • Rehydrate: Make sure you replenish fluids that have been lost during exercise immediately after then consistently throughout the day. 
  • Refuel:After heavy workloads, the body will benefit from a higher intake of carbohydrates to refuel the body.
  • Repair: Aim to have a source of protein in every meal to stimulate protein synthesis which will help repair torn muscle tissues. For those who do not have much time to cook protein rich meals, supplements such as protein shakes or bars can be useful, however these are supplements so are there to go alongside a healthy balanced diet, NOT to replace it!
  • Rest: The body needs time to relax so factor in rest days and try to ensure you get 7-8 hours of sleep at night. Things that will help you sleep better include no caffeine after 11am, going to sleep at the same time each night, waking at the same time in the morning and reducing your screen time an hour before sleep.

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*Please consult a medical professional for any advice regarding specific injuries or conditions.

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