Asalar’s story, Solace volunteer

Volunteers day photo

I always had a dream of being part of Solace Women’s Aid’s team because I have been passionate about helping women and children who are victims of any injustices that include domestic violence and abuse. My long held dream came true when I applied for a position to become one of Solace’s dedicated volunteers. Since then, I have been volunteering with one of the Refuges, with the Floating Support team and at the head office Reception.

I find my work a fascinating and mind blowing experience as I go along doing my day to day duties. Especially when I am in between offices, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of staff members from different offices. Being at the head office it has helped me to learn more about the organisation really fast. The support I receive from other staff members is amazing and gives me a reason to want to know more and more so that I can give a professional service to women in whatever duty or role I have been assigned.

One of the things I mostly appreciate about Solace is the non-stop training opportunities and exposure that nourishes my experience and equips me with the knowledge and skills that are essential for my future.

The training and workshops I have received has just reinforced Solace’s vision in my mind and in my career in becoming a professional worker in any department with a very professional approach combined with therapeutic method towards women and children.

I am very much impressed by the Solace’s effort to help women and training volunteers to become better helpers. Overall I just want to see women and girls having a voice in the society, live without having fear of repercussions and free from any kind of abuse.

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