Azra the Family Support Worker

Children playing with crayons

Azra, our family support worker, worked closely with Lina and her children when they came into one of our refuges.

Lina was happy working with Azra, saying “We have come from a painful place but Azra gave my family cinema tickets, toys and organised the play sessions in the play room. Azra also had fun activities for all the women and children in the refuge. The single women were invited to join too. We had lots of fun with our children playing the egg and spoon race and egg hunt. This support made us feel happy and gave us lots of moments of happiness. I felt supported by Azra when I was having problems with my daughters behaviour. Azra has key work sessions with my daughter which helps us as a family, especially my daughter.”

And Hala, Lina’s daughter, talked about working with Azra.

“Before coming to refuge, I felt a little nervous but when I got here I liked it because I felt safe. My family support worker is Eazmin and she told me that I should not worry anymore and plus I knew that my dad will not find me here. Azra noticed I was sad and asked me if I was ok. I started crying and  I told Azra that I miss my dad. She told me that this feeling is ok and I can always love my dad. I felt happy that I was told that I am allowed to feel like this”. 

Family Support Workers help to build a positive and safe future for everyone in the family when they are scared and alone in refuge. 

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