Belinda’s Story, Refuge

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I have been living in the refuge for 6 months now. My main focus has always been my two boys so when I moved, the thought of dealing with their dad and school application would add to the stress as so many things were going into my head at once.

I was introduced to my family support worker a couple of days after I moved in. She was very welcoming and approachable, she applied for the boys’ schools straight away She is a calm person, who will speak in the nicest possible way. She was able to help me with some money for clothing for my boys as I came here with nothing. This was a huge help as the boys were in desperate need for clothes.

The family support worker also organises playroom sessions for all the kids, the children love it and it means us mums can get two hours off to just relax in our rooms. Holidays are always fun and busy, as there is always something planned ahead for all the children, activities, farm trips and also art lessons etc.
The boys have participated art therapy, they loved it and felt important as it was one to one and all the attention was on them.

My oldest is 7 and the after school club every Tuesday is great, he enjoys it and he has the chance to learn something new with his other friends he has made in the refuge. When it comes to the children, I think the family support worker does everything she possibly can to make sure they are safe, educated and well looked after. Thank you to her for making things easier for us mums and making things fun for the children.

*Belinda’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

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