Emergency Appeal – Told by Katie

woman hugging daughter

Told by Katie, our advocate, supporting a woman in Southwark. 

“My service user is a single mother with three children, and had no money for school supplies. Following shut down, the school sent a huge list of items that each child needed to buy themselves, that had previously been provided by the school, including stationary and calculators. We could also buy the new uniform for when they returned to school.

I asked for grant to buy all the additional products that she needed. She said without this funding she would not have been able to buy any of these products, and she would have gotten her son in trouble or he would have been embarrassed to go to school. 

She was incredible grateful, and we made a huge difference to her ability to feel she could provide for children after fleeing abuse.” 

A donation to our Emergency Appeal could make the difference to a woman flees abuse with nothing. Change a life today. 

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