Jade Blue – Advocate and Campaigner

Jade Blue McCrossen-Nethercott is a passionate advocate and campaigner for justice reform and women’s rights. At the age of 24, her whole life changed when she was raped after a night out with friends. After reporting to the police and waiting three years for it to come to court, her case was suddenly dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service just two weeks before trial.

In an unprecedented legal defence, lawyers claimed she suffered from a rare sleep disorder known as ‘sexsomnia’ and may have given the impression that she was consenting in her sleep. Jade Blue’s story was highlighted in the BBC Three documentary ‘Sexsomnia: Case Closed?’ which followed her battle to prove that the Crown Prosecution Service had been wrong to drop her case.

As a survivor, Jade Blue now channels her experience into advocacy, speaking publicly about the systemic failures she encountered and their profound impact. She is dedicated to driving positive change in women’s rights, survivor support, and justice reform. Her efforts extend across multiple sectors, where she shapes policy and discourse by participating in roundtables, panels, and talks within the charity, justice, and education communities.

Jade Blue is dedicated to driving positive change and relentlessly challenging systemic barriers to justice and equality. Through her advocacy, she aims to inspire change and foster empathy, ensuring that the voices of survivors are heard and meaningful reforms are implemented to support and protect those affected by sexual violence.

I am honoured to be a Solace Ambassador because, as a rape survivor who has experienced the failings of the justice system first-hand, I know how vital their work is. Solace’s commitment to supporting and empowering survivors of sexual violence aligns with my mission to drive systemic change and ensure that every survivor’s voice is heard and valued.

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