Leanne’s Story, Rape Crisis

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I want to begin this with saying thank you to every single person who has been involved in making Solace possible. The work you do is priceless and it has changed my life, and that of those around me, for the better.

I came to Solace frozen in time and completely dead on the inside, like a lifeless doll. But week after week, a little bit of me came back alive.

In such a short amount of time my therapist has helped me help myself. The dynamics of my close relationships have changed for the better, my career has taken a new direction, and I am finally following my passion of writing.

But most important of all I feel reborn. My therapy sessions have come to an end, but I know my healing has just begun. There will be ups and downs but I now have the armour to protect myself, the knowledge to notice the patterns, the courage to face the winters.

I can say that I feel that I have a deeper understanding of what happened in my life, why I responded the way I did and why I have felt so disconnected from my body. I am learning to just be in the moment and enjoy the gift of being present. I don’t feel dead on the inside. I no longer want to be rescued. In short, I feel that I have choices and more tools to take care of myself.

*Leanne’s name has been changed to protect her identity

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