Leora Kurtzer

Leora is an American professional working and living in London. She always dreamt of living in London and initially came here to pursue her master’s degree in art history from UCL.

 In 2021, while completing her degree, Leora was sexually assaulted by a man who had told her he was wearing a condom when in fact he wasn’t. This phenomenon called ‘stealthing’ is illegal in the UK and once Leora understood this, she reported the assault to the police.

After her video interview with the police, Leora chased a few referrals and contacted Solace who then acted as a liaison throughout the rest of the police investigation. Leora’s designated ISVA became the contact for the police, ensuring that Leora was not retriggered each time there was an update. Her ISVA also joined a meeting with the police, taking minutes and helping to redirect the conversation when necessary. When Leora’s case was No-Further-Action-ed, her ISVA continued to work with her in considering an appeal and preparing Leora to meet with the deciding officer on the case.

While Leora remains dissatisfied with the way the police handled her case, she has spoken about the important role Solace played in empowering her throughout the experience.

Upon graduating from UCL, Leora began working in marketing and the charity sector, continuing to fulfill her childhood dream of living in London.

She also volunteers with Solace on the Service User Advisory Group and as a Survivor Ambassador. Leora knows firsthand the role Solace played in her healing from the sexual assault and hopes that through volunteering, she can ensure other women are able to access the important services of Solace.

You can read Leora’s powerful blog piece about her experience below.

Leora’s blog

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