Lindsey’s Story

Lindsey and Ellie sitting in their bare living room, that they have tried to make a home

“I fled my abusive home with just £5 in my pocket. My partner was stalking and threatening me, I was referred to Solace when my husband threatened me and my children. He had been emotionally abusing me for years and strangling me.

Solace helped me escape. I was always scared. But they helped me by putting me in a hotel while they found somewhere safe to stay, they gave us food and clothes so we could stay warm and fed.

When we moved to a new flat, but it was completely empty. While my perpetrator got to stay in my home. They expected us to live somewhere with nothing but Solace bought us some beds, a fridge and microwave so at least we could start again.”

During the height of the pandemic our Fund helped over 150 women whose lives were completely Empty. So that they could fill them at start again.

This is only the beginning. Every day more and more women come to us with nothing. Life beyond abuse should not mean poverty, homelessness or hunger.  With your help we can furnish a home with the essentials so women can sleep safely at night.

*To protect our service users, names & photos of service users have been changed.

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