My Experience at Solace – Lane David


“Solace was an absolute dream to volunteer for; I loved every minute of my time here, and I will be eternally grateful for what I have experienced and learned.”

Volunteering at Solace has been the experience of a lifetime! Each and every worker cares about the work that is done here, and work hard to advocate for a service user in every situation. Throughout my time here, I have learned more about the nature of domestic abuse, as well as the limitations that exist to support survivors. Having the opportunity to work so directly with service users has really helped me understand the wide effect that abuse has on the lives of survivors. The Advice caseworkers have offered so much support and guidance, and always ensure that I have the correct advice to give to a service user.  I came into this volunteer position without any prior experience working with survivors of domestic abuse, but now, through the help of the Advice Team, I feel confident in assisting service users.

Solace has been a wonderful place to volunteer with, and I recommend that anyone who is interested in helping create tangible change on a personal level look into volunteer opportunities at Solace. This position has inspired me to pursue a career with an organization that does similar work to Solace.

Lane David – Advice Line – International Volunteer

Lane has been a great intern. She was always curious about knowing more on existing options, services and remedies. Her passion in supporting victims of abuse was clearly something that motivated her.

She has always been empathic with service users she dealt with, presenting as caring and welcoming approach. She has been accurate in giving advice, asking questions to workers when she needed it.

Lane has been very supportive of the team colleagues and became a valued member of the advice team in a short period of time.  She learned quickly during her internship, and developed consistent capabilities in making assessments, providing advice and emotional support to survivors.

Advice Line Manager

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