Rebecca’s Story

woman looking sad at camera

My name is Rebecca. I was with my husband for 18 years, we had 2 children aged 10 and 15. When my husband stopped work, the abuse I was experiencing escalated, and he became more controlling.

I was not allowed to work, have friends or talk to my family on the phone. My husband was also controlling my daughter – he wouldn’t let her go out or wear what she wanted. It was impacting my relationship with her.  She ran away from home, and we were contacted by a social worker.

When the social worker put me in touch with Solace, it was hard to have the courage to leave. I was fearful of living independently and desperate to move to a refuge where I could get support. In refuge, Solace helped me gain awareness of the effects of domestic abuse and the impact it has on my children’s mental health and well-being. They also supported my daughter to access mental health services when she started self-harming. We worked with Solace to understand the boundaries of our relationship.

An important part of Solace’s support to me was to make sure we were safe online as my husband tracked all our phones. Finally, I feel like my family is safe, and although we have a long road, we can handle it.
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