Therapeutic Support Services

The emotional health and wellbeing of all our staff is a priority for Solace and we have developed a comprehensive and accessible package of support within the organisation.

Debriefs on demand

We offer a daily debrief session for all staff that gives access to a meeting with a BACP-trained clinical practitioner. These one-to-one sessions are available Monday to Friday and are particularly useful for frontline staff working with trauma. An additional session specifically for people of colour is available on demand.

Debriefs provide an opportunity to explore any difficulties encountered at work. They can be used to process disclosures and access support from a trained professional, and help to relieve the emotional pressures of frontline work.

Clinical supervision

Team clinical supervision
This provides an opportunity for teams to access expert support to discuss any challenges or concerns arising from work that might have impacts professionally and personally.

The clinical supervisor is there to help develop strategies and solutions in response to any incidents that might occur.

Individual clinical supervision
Designed to give staff a chance to discuss work-related concerns, individual clinical supervision provides strategies to address specific challenges, which could include race-related workplace issues. Staff can access up to three sessions.

Employee Assistance Programme

This service provided by Health Assured offers further support, including a 24-hour helpline, online portal and a wellbeing app.