Supporting Children and Young People Affected by Domestic Abuse

The voice of children and young people is often missed in cases of domestic abuse. This course will help practitioners build their skills and knowledge around working with children and young people affected by domestic abuse, both whilst still living in abusive environments and post-separation.  This course includes practical responses for practitioners working with children and young people to help build the confidence to effectively respond to their needs.

CPR Certified


5 hours



Course content

  • Understanding children and young people’s experience of coercive control
  • The impact of domestic abuse on the developing brain
  • How does does domestic abuse impact children and young people’s relationship with their parents
  • Effectively responding in a child-centred way

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Gain deeper understanding of the impacts of domestic abuse on children and young people
  • Feel increased confidence in supporting children whilst living in domestic abuse environments and during contact arrangements with parents following separation
  • Be able to signpost children and parents to relevant support services

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