Black History Month Organisations 2020 continued

On Twitter for Black History Month we’ve been highlighting companies led by black people that support and uplift black women and children whilst creating a positive legacy. Here’s a roundup of the companies we highlighted!


#Merky Books

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Description automatically generatedCurated by Stormzy #Merky Books is an imprint within William Heinemann as a part of Penguin. The imprint works to bring forth a new generation of voices. You can read books such as “Taking Up Space: The Black Girls Manifestation for Change” by Chelsea Kwakye and Ore Ogunbiyi

 Gal-dem magazine


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Description automatically generatedA magazine created to share the voices of women and non-binary people of colour, Gal-dem magazine has tons of great articles with a fresh feel. You can read their articles here:



Lapp The Brand

LogoDescription automatically generatedA clothing line and online blog dedicated to portraying the experience of the current day girl. You can find a lot of great perspectives of the blog here:



 Vitae London

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Description automatically generatedVitae London are a watch company with a wide range of pieces. Each purchase of a watch sees one child in Sub-Saharan Africa receive support with their education. Have a look at their story here:


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Description automatically generatedCreates greeting cards for a range of people from different backgrounds after realising that there were not many around.  She has created a wonderful range of cards for purchase. You can look at some of the cards here:


Tribal Unicorn

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Description automatically generatedAre a candle company that make candles based on the experiences one might have in London. You can have a look at their collection here:




Books round

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Description automatically generatedThey are an inclusive children’s book shop in Brixton, London that has a wide range of stories from different backgrounds



 You can also find a list of charities and other organisations we showcased here.



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