Domestic violence warnings as people forced to stay at home

Solace, CEO spoke with Channel 4 news about the demand for domestic abuse services and the dire funding cuts the sector has had to cope with over the past years. Today, as we still turn 60% of women away from refuge because of the lack of spaces available. Government funding is urgently needed as women now face the prospect of self-isolating with their abuser.

Jackie Long Social Affairs Editor and Presenter:

With the prospect of a full lockdown looming, police and charities, are warning there could be a sharp rise in domestic violence. A combination of economic stress, worries about the virus and being confined indoors is likely to raise tensions – leaving charities like Solace worried about women trapped in the worst possible situation.

Two-thirds of referrals to refuges are already declined because there simply aren’t enough beds – campaigners say it’s a situation that will only get worse in the coming weeks.

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