Find Owami Davies – Our Statement


Solace are troubled but not surprised by the lack of reporting on missing student nurse Owami Davies.  

Owami has been missing for over a month, members of the public have since reported potential sightings, and 5 men have been arrested on suspicion of murder or kidnapping. Yet this case is not reaching many headlines.  

Entrenched institutional racism in much of the media and wider society means that the disappearance of White women receive far more news coverage than women of colour, particularly Black women. This is terrifying and impacts on the likelihood of missing women of colour being found. 

Not only is this evident in much of the media reporting, it also impacts the treatment and perception of women of colour by the police. Time and time again, local communities and the families of victims have to resort to finding their loved ones themselves and campaigning to keep awareness high. This blatant bias is unacceptable and has to change. We urge the media and the police to do better in their treatment of women of colour, particularly Black women. Our thoughts are with Owami Davies’ family during this horrific time and we hope that Owami Davies will soon be found and safe. 


Judith Banjoko – Interim CEO Solace 

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