Letter to Ministers

Parliament dissolved today, ready for a campaigning period prior to the election – this means that ministers and MPs are no longer doing their usual ministerial or MP work.

Before this, however, we sent a letter signed by 34 organisations across England to 3 ministers: the Minister for Housing and Homelessness, the Minister for Women and health, and the Minister for safeguarding. We also sent it on to 18 MPs who have been members of different housing committees and groups.

This letter set out the results of the Women’s Rough Sleeping Census and highlights three recommendations to the ministers about changes they can make to the way women’s rough sleeping and homelessness is addressed, to begin to improve provision and support for women. These recommendations represent initial but vital steps in ensuring approaches for homelessness are gender-informed.

Pre-election campaigning is now underway, but we’ll be sending the letter again to the newly elected MPs and appointed ministers in July.

Read the letter in full here:

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