Our Statement on Afghanistan – Two Years of Taliban Rule

It’s two years since the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan and we want to acknowledge the devastating impact of their rule on women and girls.

The United Nations say that 20 years of progress for women and girls’ rights have been erased… ‘girls in Afghanistan have been banned from secondary school and women from tertiary education. Women and girls have been banned from entering amusement parks, public baths, gyms and sports clubs for four months. Women have been banned from working in NGO offices. Since the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban in August 2021, women have been wholly excluded from public office and the judiciary. Today, Afghanistan’s women and girls are required to adhere to a strict dress code and are not permitted to travel more than 75 km without a mahram (husband or family member).

The UN has reported that women across Afghanistan report feeling invisible, isolated, suffocated, living in prison like conditions. Many are unable to have their basic needs met without access to employment or aid, including access to medical healthcare and psychological support in particular for victims of violence, including sexual violence. It’s a sobering reminder of how swiftly and aggressively women’s and girls’ rights can be taken away.’

We are concerned that those bravely protesting are facing violence and torture, and that the Afghan media is no longer able to report on the treatment of women.

It’s horrifying, and a betrayal of their promise that women and girls will be allowed to ‘work and study’ – when according to the UN around 80% of women and girls are now not in education. Amnesty International believe that the restrictions imposed on women could constitute gender persecution.

We stand in solidarity with women and girls in Afghanistan.

If you want to help you can

  • Call on your MP to ensure that Afghan women and girls have safe routes to the UK  – sign here
  • Donate to organisations supporting women and girls in Afghanistan

Charities supporting are:

UN Women



United Nations

The Mirror




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