Our statement in solidarity with the protests in Iran

Content Warning: MVAWG, Police brutality, Violence 

On September 16th 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was brutally murdered by the morality police. They had arrested her when she was walking out of the metro in Tehran with her brother, for allegedly not being sufficiently covered by her hijab. Mahsa was brutally beaten whilst being transported to a re-education centre programme. There, she passed out from her injuries and later died in hospital. We send our deepest condolences to Mahsa Amini’s family. 

The horrific murder of Mahsa Amini has sparked protests across Iran. Women in Iran, from the Iranian diaspora and around the world have been cutting their hair in protest and solidarity.  

Dorsa Jabbari an Al Jazeera journalist when explaining the anger and sorrow that women in Iran are feeling said “We all feel that any of us could be Mahsa.” And many women have been since. Since the protests begun, the Iranian government have shot, arrested and detained many people protesting and speaking out. We are heartbroken by this injustice. 

One of our Advocates, Mariam, has written an extremely powerful and moving poem about her feelings about the current situation in Iran: 

Solace stands with Iranian women in their fight for ‘women, life, freedom’ and against all forms of oppression and injustice. We are deeply moved by the bravery, resistance and resilience shown by protestors and our thoughts are with the loved ones of all the people who have lost their lives. 

Poem by Mariam Saidan, @mariamsaidanpoetry on Instagram.

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