The Solace Award Ceremony celebrates our volunteer commitment

The 10th of December marks a day of our annual volunteer celebration and award ceremony hosted by our Volunteer Coordinator. The purpose of the event was to recognise and celebrate the wonderful contribution volunteers make to our services at Solace. The event kicked off with the awards ceremony where our CEO awarded 8 winners chosen from 24 nominations in four different categories: Volunteer New Comer, Volunteer Empowerment, Volunteer Commitment, Volunteer Length of Service, Volunteer Flexibility and Volunteer of the Year.

Choosing the winners was a difficult choice as all the nominees were deserving winners for the difference they have made to our services and service users. It was a truly moving moment and brought home how vital Solace’s work is.

The other activities included a raffle were the volunteers could win amazing prizes, followed by a lunch that allowed meeting each other from across the Solace organisation. In the final part of the celebration, volunteers competed in teams to win a quiz containing riddles, general knowledge and facts about Solace.  All volunteers received a goody bag to say huge thank you for their time and commitment to Solace.

We hope to see them continue to with the amazing work they are doing for Solace! Here’s what Shauna, the Volunteer Assistant Volunteer Coordinator had to say about the event:

“The volunteer awards ceremony was a wonderful way to celebrate the achievements of Solace’s volunteers over the past year. It was also nice to meet volunteers from different teams within Solace.”

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