Solace Statement: PC Timothy Brehmer cleared of murder after killing Clare Parry

Solace Women’s Aid welcome’s the judge making it clear that the violence inflicted on Claire Parry was deliberate – the force to her neck was deliberate.

The fact that Brehmer suggested that it just happened is outrageous and is typical of the excuses perpetrators of abuse and violence make.

We see and hear this in our day to day work as a frontline domestic abuse organisation working with victims and survivors of domestic abuse and violence against  women and girls. 

There is never any justification for violence against women, the judge is wrong to talk about the perpetrator “losing self-control”.

The idea that violence against women and fatal violence is about the perpetrator losing self-control is the type of language perpetrators use to justify their abuse. It is the perpetrator and only the perpetrator responsible for the violence.

We stand in solidarity with Claire Parry’s children, her family and friends and acknowledge their courage and struggle in seeking justice for Claire Parry.

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