Solace Training launches two new Covid-19 related webinars

Following on from the success of our webinar series for frontline staff, Solace Training launches two new webinars to further raise awareness about domestic abuse and offer advice and guidance on how to recognise domestic abuse and support survivors.

At Solace, we know that there is growing concern about domestic abuse, and many of us are concerned about the people around us, whether they are loved ones, neighbours, colleagues or members of our team. We know that many people want to do what they can to offer support, but might be worried that they wouldn’t know what to say or do if someone told them they were experiencing domestic abuse.

These webinars are here to help. If you are worried about a friend, family member, neighbour or member of your community, join our webinar on the 28th April to find out how to spot the signs of domestic abuse and signpost them to sources of support.

And if you’re worried about a colleague or member of your team, or your thinking about what your organisation could do to support your staff who might be experiencing domestic abuse, join our webinar on the 5th May.

For more information about these webinars and to register your place, please follow the links below.

  • Supporting friends and family affected by domestic abuse during COVID-19, 28th April 2020, 11 am
  • Supporting staff and colleagues affected by domestic abuse during COVID-19, 5th May 2020, 11 am

If you work in a frontline role providing ongoing support to survivors, you can view our full webinar series for the frontline staff here.

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