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The admission today of a Metropolitan Police Officer of multiple sexual offences including 24 counts of rape is horrifying. Unfortunately, over the last few years we have become used to revelations of abuse and sexual assault by a significant minority of officers in the Met Police. It is obvious that there has been entrenched institutional misogyny, woefully inadequate misconduct procedures and a toxic work culture that has not been properly addressed. That doesn’t make this case any less repellent.  It is unforgivable and shocking, we can only offer our condolences, support and our outrage for the victim/survivors.

For eighteen years this officer took advantage of his position of power to terrorise women with an ongoing pattern of abusive, callous and calculated violent behaviour – he admits that many of his attacks will have left his victims physically injured – all will have a long lasting and devastating impact on the victim/survivors and their loved ones.  

There will be a lasting impact on women’s trust in the Police at a time when our faith in the criminal justice system and the authorities that are meant to protect us, is already compromised. 

Today the Police have said that they expect even more victims to come forward. They have also said that more than 1,600 cases of alleged sexual offences or domestic violence involving Metropolitan Police officers and staff are being reviewed in the wake of this case. 

The force said that accusations ranging from arguments to the most serious sexual crimes from the last 10 years are being checked to make sure that the appropriate decisions were made.  A total of 1,633 cases involving 1,071 officers and staff are set to be reviewed. 

They need to do this with urgency and transparency to show us that they intend to take direct action and make immediate changes and that they will not allow this to happen again. As an absolute minimum the Metropolitan Police should be launching an urgent statutory inquiry into the misogyny and racism within the force. 

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