Young people deserve to be Seen and Heard

Our young people are a generation living with domestic abuse, poverty and a pandemic. This August we will be sharing their stories, one a week, which highlights different issues that children and young people in London are facing.

We are launching a campaign. We are worried about young people. 

A generation living with domestic abuse, poverty and a pandemic; scared for their families, their futures. For young people surviving abuse, the pandemic and lockdown has been life-altering. We’ve seen and heard the challenges they are facing. 

Young people who live with domestic abuse are 14 times more likely to experience depression. With schools being closed over lockdown, young people have lost a vital support system. We need to make sure we can be there for them when they need it.

“I never used to trust adults, all they’d ever done is let me down or not believed me. My Solace caseworker took time to get to know me, and together we are starting to rebuild my life.”


Each week we will be sharing stories of young people we have supported, told by our young Advocates and Change-Makers. Follow us to see and hear the stories of young Londoners affected by abuse and the pandemic. This week we are telling *Nia’s story. 

With your help, we can rebuild a generation. #SeenHeard

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  • All names have been changed to protect their identities. The young people featured in our videos are sharing the stories on behalf of those who are not safe to do so.
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