Solace announces major Tampon Tax win for a national project

We have been successfully funded by the Tampon Tax to establish a national response to support women’s centres, women’s groups and networks to help them, and the women they support, to emerge stronger from the damage that the C-19 pandemic is having on women’s lives.

We know that many women are living with or have left abusive relationships during this time, at the same time, women are undertaking more unpaid care, losing their jobs, businesses and independence.  Their lives will be even less equal and safe than before and isolation and loneliness ia reality.   This project is designed to help women’s organisations and groups to help them remain strong and sustainable and able to offer the support that women will need to pick up the pieces of their lives again.

The Labyrinth Project is a multi-faceted national network of women’s organisations in Scotland, Northern Ireland and England joining together create the synergy to strengthen women’s centres and groups with grant funding to help them survive and grow; and the creation of a National Centre of Excellence to help sustain the work of sector into the future.

Fiona Dwyer, Solace CEO say’s

“This important fund will help us to create lasting change to the lives of the most marginalised women across three nations and the women’s groups and organisations that support them.

Only The Tampon Tax fund could meet the scale of our ambitions and we thank the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport for their insight and confidence in enabling Solace and our incredible partners to create lasting change to the lives of over 20,000 women across three nations.

The Labyrinth Project is designed to help women to get to an empowered position in their lives; underpinned by the development of a national Centre of Excellence, providing a sustainable online space to support women’s centres and women’s organisations into the future.”