Ten Green Flags of Love: Valentine’s Day 2024

For Valentine’s Day we are sharing some good signs to look out for in a healthy relationship.

We’re all familiar with red flags, and it’s great to know the signs to look out for and avoid in a partner. But what about the good things that make for a healthy relationship? We want to highlight the positive qualities you should look for in a partner. So often, people think romance is about passion and yearning and sexual tension, but real, lasting love is about supporting and nourishing each other.

‘We want all women and girls to recognise these positive signs in a relationship and also to understand if their relationship is abusive.’ says Solace CEO Nahar Choudhury, ‘For all women and girls in London who are experiencing abuse, we want you to know that support is available and that Solace is here for you.’  

We think that these are some of the most important qualities that contribute to healthy and fulfilling relationships that uplift you, and we encourage everyone to seek out partners who inspire and nurture your best self. By emphasising these green flags, we hope to empower people to make informed choices and create lasting, positive connections.  

You can read the ten green flags in full, get our downloadable flyer with the flags and contact information, and read our press release here:

Ten Green Flags of Love

Here are our 10 green flags to look out for in a healthy relationship.

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Valentine's 2024: 10 Green Flags Flyer

Download the 10 Green Flags of Love flyer this Valentine's Day.

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If you feel unsafe in your relationship or you need support, you can find out how to get in touch with us here: