Press release: 10 Green Flags of Love

Discover unconditional love this Valentine’s Day with Solace’s Ten Green Flags of Love campaign, encouraging kindness and respect.  

Solace a leading charity dedicated to supporting women and girls experiencing domestic abuse and/or sexual violence, is launching their Ten Green Flags of Love campaign just in time for Valentine’s Day.  

This exciting initiative aims to inspire individuals to celebrate the true essence of love by highlighting the positive qualities that should be sought in a partner. The Ten Green Flags of Love campaign seeks to challenge the common misconceptions about romance, emphasizing that love goes beyond flowers, gifts and dramatic romantic gestures.  

Instead, it focuses on the qualities that create a nurturing and supportive relationship. These green flags include celebrating your successes, providing support during failures, promoting personal growth, kindness towards your loved ones, active listening, empathy, embracing imperfections, lifting each other up, respecting boundaries, and fostering a sense of safety and authenticity. As a charity that supports over 23,000 women and girls annually across London, Solace Women’s Aid understands the importance of promoting healthy relationships.  

“We’re highlighting the positive qualities you should look for in a partner,” says Nahar Choudhury, CEO of Solace. “So often, people think romance is about passion and yearning and sexual tension, but real, lasting love is about supporting and nourishing each other.”  

The Ten Green Flags of Love campaign aims to raise awareness about the qualities that contribute to healthy and fulfilling relationships, uplifting individuals and encouraging them to seek partners who inspire and nurture their best selves. By emphasizing these green flags, Solace hopes to empower individuals to make informed choices and create lasting, positive connections.  

‘We want all women and girls to recognise these positive signs in a relationship and also to understand if their relationship is abusive.’ Nahar Choudhury adds, ‘For those women and girls in London who are experiencing abuse, we want them to know that support is available and that Solace is here for them.’  

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SOLACE is a leading specialist charity in the UK supporting women and children experiencing domestic abuse and sexual violence. Whatever form violence comes in, from rape to trafficking to relationships based on psychological or financial control, we work to end it. We know that escaping the effects of violence can be the hardest thing to ever do. That’s why the lifesaving support that Solace provides to over 22,000 women, children, and young people each year is so important.     

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