Refuge & Accommodation

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Solace provides safe refuge and move on accommodation to hundreds of women and children made homeless through domestic or sexual abuse.

Solace runs 19 refuges across London, including specialist refuge spaces for women with multiple needs.

A refuge is a safe space where you and your children can stay. It is a new safe, temporary home for you and your children, with experienced and specialist staff who will provide you with individual support. We want you to be safe and to stay safe and we can help you to find new permanent accommodation and recover from your experiences.

The Amari Project provides support and accommodation for women sexually exploited through trafficking or prostitution.


  • 12-18 months stay in accommodation
  • Emotional and practical support
  • Preparation for independent living
  • 3 months resettlement support to longer term

Support in the community

  • 6-12 months of support
  • Emotional and practical support to maintain existing tenancy

The Amari Project is an action learning project between Solace Women’s Aid and Commonweal.

Through the Rhea Project we are able to offer good quality, self-contained temporary accommodation, with support, to homeless women and their children, fleeing abuse. This project enables those women made homeless due to fleeing abuse to have the vital support they need to cope and recover within a safe, supportive environment so they can begin their journey to independence.

The Rhea project is a partnership between Solace, Commonweal Housing and Southwark Council.