Sasa’s Career Progression

I joined Solace twelve years ago, in Jan 2012 as Family Support Worker. Over the years, I moved and explored various roles which supported my professional and personal growth. During my career I have been promoted five times, currently in role of Senior Manager for Children and Young People.  

Solace has supported my development by investing in my training to further my skills, so in July 2013 I completed Practice Educator Level 1 Course for Social work, in October 2017 I finished NOCN Level 3 Certificate in Preventing and Tackling Domestic and Sexual Abuse/Violence, and lastly in June 2021 I concluded CMI Leadership Level 3 Award, People Leadership Apprenticeship Programme. Main reasons I am still with Solace is because my values strongly connect with Solace’s mission and values, while having a safe space to learn, grow, develop, be innovative, creative, supportive, and best version of self I can be. I am working with amazing women from all various parts of the world who are all super passionate about the same cause – ending VAWG, so it feels very special to be part of several CYP teams and whole Solace Family.