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Our 1-1 counselling, group work and specialist holistic therapies help women recover after experiencing traumatic abuse.

Counselling is an opportunity for you to speak one-to-one with a supportive professional about your personal and emotional difficulties due to domestic or sexual violence. This could be an issue from the past, present or anything that worries you about the future. It is a safe environment to explore and sort-out problems in order to find a more fulfilling and happier way of living

We understand that women who've experienced domestic and/or sexual abuse can benefit from a range of different therapies. We run a variety of groups, well-being classes, as well as 1-1 body therapies to help survivors recovery from trauma.

Creative therapies are available to children and young people from the age 4+ affected by domestic or sexual violence at some point in their life. 

Through art making, play, drama and talking, the child and the therapist work together to make sense of the child’s difficulties and offer a safe and contained space where the child can express her/ his thoughts and feelings.

The aim of creative therapy is to help the child or young person develop a better understanding of their feelings regarding their current situation and experience of domestic violence. They learn they are not to blame for the abuse and improve their self esteem.

Funded by the Home Office, NHS England, MOPAC and the Department for Education, The Lighthouse is the UK’s first Child House, a service where children are put at the centre and given the support they need to recover and rebuild their lives.

Specially trained medical, advocacy, social care, police, and therapeutic support is delivered from one place, working together to provide a coordinated approach to supporting children and young people who have experienced sexual abuse.

We want to make sure children overcome the trauma that sexual abuse can cause - not relive it during disclosure.We focus on getting them the right help at the right time, by putting all the services needed to respond to sexual abuse under one roof.

Solace is based within the Lighthouse, providing specialist Independent Sexual Violence Advocates (ISVA’s) who are on hand to guide the child or young person and their family through their journey of recovery. Our ISVA’S can help with access to medical care, police and social worker assistance, and mental health support more easily and quickly. Our ISVA’s can also support children and young people through the court process.

The Lighthouse is available Monday to Saturday: 10am to 8pm, Sunday: 10am to 1pm and all services are available by a booked appointment.