The #StaySafeAtHome Campaign

Emergency Appeal to #StaySafeAtHome

In response to the COVID19 Pandemic we released this video: 

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As the campaign developed we have released two more videos highlighting the work of our frontline staff and the voices of the women we have supported.

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Our Campaign

No woman should face the impossible choice of staying safe from Coronavirus or domestic abuse. 

We are doing everything we can to ensure our doors stay open throughout this worrying time, to make sure women and children can still receive the support they urgently need.  

This is what we are doing. 

  • Our refuges are still open and providing life-changing and life-saving support to women with nowhere else to turn,  
  • Our helpline team and all staff are answering the phones so women have someone to talk to and; 
  • Our community advocacy teams are working tirelessly to make sure, no matter where they are, London is safe for women and their children.  


Solace was on channel 4 news talking about the impact of domestic violence while being told to stay at home.

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