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A Strategy for Ending Women’s Homelessness in London

This strategy aims to highlight the crisis of women’s homelessness and propose solutions, focusing on working collaboratively and with innovation and best practice to end homelessness for women. There is a growing recognition of the specific difficulties facing women experiencing homelessness whose needs aren’t being met by current homelessness provision and approaches.

Coronavirus and abuse

At Solace, we're working hard to ensure every woman affected by abuse during the Coronavirus pandemic can be safe and get the support she needs.

From our specialist work, we understand the additional challenges women are facing right now while in lockdown. So we've brought together some resources to help survivors, and those supporting them, at this critical time.

If you are experiencing abuse, you are not alone. Our phone lines are open, our doors are open and our staff are here to help you.

Evaluation of the Rhea Project

This independent of the Rhea Project, a pilot partnership between Solace, Commonweal and Southwark Council, shows that a successful support model for survivors, strengthens referral pathways, enables a smooth transition from abuse to safety and includes the provision of safe, suitable and secure housing.

Evaluation of the Solace Hear2Change Prevention Programme

Hear2Change is a five-year project run by Solace Women’s Aid from September 2016 to December 2021. In September 2019 Against Violence and Abuse (AVA) began an independent evaluation of the project, the outcomes of which are outlined in this project evaluation.

Solace Women's Aid and AVA (Against Violence and Abuse)


Examining the Victim’s Right to Review by police in stalking and harassment cases: report of FOI findings

New research by Alison Bird, Clinical Lead for Stalking at Solace, and the University of Suffolk examining the Victim’s Right to Review by police in stalking and harassment cases suggests that police forces lack a transparent, robust and objective system when they no further action (NFA) stalking cases. Stalking victims need better guidance and support after reporting stalking and need to know their rights.’

‘Victims of stalking are left frustrated, not taken seriously, the stalking continues and they are failed.”  Alison Bird, Solace. 

Fundraising Guide 2022

Check out our fundraising guide to find out how you can get involved to help end abuse and violence in London.

Guide to Staying Safe

A short guide on staying safe if you are being hurt  by someone in your family, afraid of someone at home or in a violence relationship. 

Haringey Employment Project Funding Evaluation

The aim and objectives of the Haringey Employment Project were to support a diverse range of women survivors who had either experienced VAWG, were in receipt of benefits or did not have Recourse to Public Funds, enabling them through work readiness and into employment.

Impact Report 2022

We're really pleased to release our Impact report for 2022 exploring the impact our services have had between April 2021 and March 2022. Click below to view the full report.

Impact Report 2022