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Guide to Staying Safe

A short guide on staying safe if you are being hurt  by someone in your family, afraid of someone at home or in a violence relationship. 

Haringey Employment Project Funding Evaluation

The aim and objectives of the Haringey Employment Project were to support a diverse range of women survivors who had either experienced VAWG, were in receipt of benefits or did not have Recourse to Public Funds, enabling them through work readiness and into employment.

Impact Report 2022

We're really pleased to release our Impact report for 2022 exploring the impact our services have had between April 2021 and March 2022. Click below to view the full report.

Impact Report 2022

Inspiring Women

See our list of incredibly inspiring women from now and from then. Helping to inspire feminist dress up or a feminist picture round!

London VAWG & Housing Group - Long Term Housing

In 2017 the London VAWG & Housing Group was established to promote access to safe and settled housing for those
who need to move as a result of VAWG, through cross-sector and cross-organisational collaboration. This briefing
outlines the issues and key asks raised on the theme of Long Term Housing from the Operational and Strategic meetings
held on 14th February 2018 and sets out recommendations for best practice.

Making Women Count

This report sets out the key findings and learning from the initial pilot project of the women’s rough sleeping census, which was conducted across London boroughs in October 2022, commissioned and funded by Single Homelessness Project (SHP). The project was conducted in collaboration by SHP, St Mungo's, the Women's Development Unit (Solace Women’s Aid and The Connection at St Martin’s) London Councils and the GLA alongside independent researchers from PraxisCollab.