Nationwide Campaign ‘No More Injury Time’ Blows the Whistle on Domestic Abuse Ahead of Euro 2024

Survivors Rehema Muthamia, a Former Miss England, and Influencer Flo Finch

reveal alternative football kit featuring Shirt 38 

Shirt 38 represents the 38% rise in reported abuse cases when England men’s team lose a major tournament.

Solace, the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) and British Writer, Director and Actor Karen Bryson MBE supporting the Campaign in conjunction with women’s digital lifestyle publisher Four Nine 

Designed and created by publisher-powered social agency, The Wild by Jungle to serve as a reminder that when we lose, she loses more

‘No More Injury Time’ nationwide online and social campaign

launches on 13th June 2024 

No More Injury Time: Rehema Muthamia (right), Flo Finch (foreground), Tina McArdle (left), background: Vicki Valentine, Shannon Dee Clennon, Jade Blue, Faith Angwet, Shirell Adams, Karen Bryson MBE, Michelle Mowbray, Tracey Stone.

No More Injury Time: Karen Bryson MBE

Thursday, 13th June 2024, London: An alternative England Football kit was revealed today in a nationwide ‘No More Injury Time’ campaign to support domestic abuse survivors at risk during the Euro 2024 tournament.

Abuse survivors Rehema Muthamia, a Former Miss England, Influencer Flo Finch and British Writer, Director and Actor Karen Bryson MBE launched Shirt 38, designed and created to symbolise a sobering truth: when we lose, she loses more.

It represents the 38% rise in reported abuse cases when England men’s football team lose at a major tournament.

The shirt reveal is part of the major campaign organised by women’s publisher Four Nine and creative agency The Wild by Jungle in partnership with Solace and the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) and is supported by 13 actors, content creators and charity ambassadors and volunteers. They are urging those in need to seek help by calling national helplines on 0808 802 5565 (Solace) and 0800 970 2070 (NCDV).

While Shirt 38 looks like a ‘classic’ England football top, on closer investigation there are some key changes.

  • A faint England flag shows that it is an ‘England’ shirt with a difference 
  • The three lions are facing the wrong way with their tails facing down, not up – when a cat’s tail is facing down it’s feeling defensive and aggressive behaviour might follow
  • No More Injury Time is placed in the middle of the shirt akin to a main sponsor
  • Logos for Four Nine’s Violence Against Women and Girls partners, Solace and the National Centre for Domestic Violence are placed top right and on the shirt sleeves, like club sponsors.
  • Number 38 takes prime position on the back of the shirt – reflecting the staggering increase in domestic abuse cases when England men’s team lose in a major tournament. A small ‘%’ placed at the bottom of the number ‘8’
  • Four Nine’s logo is on the back of the collar

An accompanying No More Injury Time campaign launch film will go live on Thursday 13th June 2024 and will run throughout all of England’s group stage games across Solace, NCDV and Four Nine’s websites and social channels, including TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. It will also be promoted by content creators on their own platforms. 

Flo Finch, Content Creator and Domestic Abuse Advocate, said: “As a survivor of domestic abuse, I have first-hand experience of the lasting impact that it has on people. Being a part of this campaign means so much to me because not only am I a survivor but I am an avid football fan. I cannot bear to think that something that is meant to be joyful, exciting and helps to connect us all, actually can cause profound and lasting damage to others.

This campaign helps us to be the voice of the voiceless and the face of the faceless. My hope is that women who are struggling with a perpetrator during this tournament (and after) see this campaign and know there are so many people who are fighting for them without even knowing who they are. There is a life after abuse, there is support and there are so many people who want to help them, love them and guide them through the next chapter of their life.”

Rehema Muthamia, Former Miss England, Actress and Solace Ambassador, added: “As a domestic abuse survivor, I am passionate about supporting and protecting women. With the Euros approaching, and domestic abuse cases set to flare-up, I wanted to be involved in the campaign, to represent other survivors across the country and to show that we are standing up against violence and abuse and that there is help out there.

“While we as a nation may experience collective sadness by the result of a match, there are women across the country experiencing a far worse reality. Women deserve to be protected.”

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Sharon Bryan, Head of Partnerships and Development at National Centre for Domestic Violence, said: “The NCDV is proud to be a part of this powerful and hard hitting campaign, to raise awareness of the impact of football on domestic abuse and violence. We applaud the women’s publisher Four Nine for making this their mission too.”

Nahar Choudhury, Solace CEO, said: “At Solace many of us love football and we’re looking forward to supporting England at the Euros, but we know that for many women, tournaments like this can be terrifying. Women experience domestic abuse all year round, but with heightened tensions and disappointments, many abusers will take out their frustrations on their partner.

“It is so important for us to include everyone in the conversation about domestic abuse. We feel strongly that football can have a positive influence and having football fans as allies could quite literally be a game changer, which is why Solace is pleased to be collaborating with Four Nine and NCDV on this important campaign.”

Commenting on the campaign, Molly Tappin, Associate Creative Director, The Wild by Jungle, said: “In March the country went into meltdown when the colour of the St. George’s Cross was changed on the back of England’s new kit. The level of conversation and controversy that it sparked is exactly what this campaign is aiming to replicate with the ‘alternative’ England shirt. 

“Four Nine has a huge following across social media and we never shy away from tackling uncomfortable subject matters, so we set out to create a campaign that would rise above the noise of the Euros and command attention. 

“The involvement of domestic abuse survivors and organisations dedicated to combating Violence Against Women and Girls was imperative for us. We believe Shirt 38 and our campaign can serve as a catalyst for real world change, elevating domestic abuse to the forefront of the public’s agenda.”

A second part of the campaign will roll out in line with the next major football tournament and will aim to target abusers and potential abusers. 

Reported cases of domestic abuse rise by 38% when England lose at a major tournament and 26% if England play a statistic which shockingly hasn’t gone down in a decade. And cases are actually much higher, as these are only the reported incidents, and we know that in the UK the majority of domestic abuse is never reported.

Help lines available: 

Solace: 0808 802 5565 OR email

NCDV: 0800 970 2070 OR text NCDV to 60777

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