Remembering Sabina Nessa: One Year On

On the 17th of September 2021, Sabina Nessa was brutally murdered when walking to meet a friend. She should have been safe. #SaySabinasName

Every three days, a woman is killed in the UK. 177 women were murdered in the year ending March 2021 and 92% of suspects charged for these murders were men. Most of these women were killed by partners or ex-partners. Male Violence against women and girls (MVAWG) is a terrifying epidemic and it must end. Women, girls and other marginalised groups should not have to fear walking around London, day or night. We should feel safe both on the streets and in our homes.

After Sabina Nessa’s harrowing murder, Solace commented – alongside many other organisations – on the dismissal, underreporting and overall mistreatment of victims of colour in comparison to White victims. Unfortunately, in the past year this has remained prevalent and can be seen recently in the mismanagement of the Owami Davies’ disappearance by the Met Police and underreporting on her disappearance by the media. It is vital to continue to highlight this ongoing institutional racism and the devasting impact it can have on women of colour who are victims of Male Violence. Once again, Solace urge the police to take urgent action. 

Judith, Solace Interim CEO says: “On this anniversary we remain saddened and horrified by the tragic murder of Sabina Nessa and we send our thoughts to Sabina’s loved ones. We continue to work tirelessly to combat MVAWG, and urge the Government and Police to make sure every woman and girl is safe on our streets.”

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