Solace Marks Transgender Awareness week

Solace as an organisation seeks equality and stands in allyship with trans people. Earlier this year we created a working group across the organisation and our Board to drive forward our inclusive policy. As an organisation, we have always supported trans women, and strive to support all survivors of VAWG regardless of gender identity.

Our position statement, which we are still working together on, is:

“Solace will seek to not only eliminate all discrimination on the grounds of gender identity, but also to create a working and supportive environment based on good relations between all employees, volunteers and service users, with a shared commitment to respecting diversity and difference. In addition Solace wants to ensure that its work environment enables staff to work to their full potential, provide a place where there is a culture of respect for human rights, and where staff feel valued. Solace wants to ensure that its support environment enables service users to achieve their full potential and develop an environment where there is a culture of respect for all and where each service user feels equally valued.”

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