Solace, the leading specialist charity supporting women and children experiencing domestic abuse and sexual violence in London, is thrilled to have won two UK Content Awards. The awards recognise Solace’s work in creating impactful content that raises awareness about the challenges faced by survivors and highlights the vital work done by the organisation. 

The first award was Crisis Response Content of the Year for Solace’s Seven Years of Christmas fundraising campaign, which sheds light on the fact that it takes an average of seven years for women to leave an abusive relationship. The animation features vocals from the talented singer-songwriter Self Esteem and aims to inspire compassion and support for survivors. The second accolade was a silver award in Outreach Campaign of the Year for the impactful Solace Charity Film, which gives voice to the experiences of Solace service users and staff, showcasing the incredible work Solace does to support survivors and help them regain control of their lives. 

Both films were created in collaboration with production company, Roll Nine Media, who directed and produced the films to bring them to life, and the Christmas Campaign was supported by agency MBAstack. 

Comments from judges about Seven Years of Christmas included: “We found the combination of the stunning animation, remarkable speed of execution, and effective amplification and PR efforts made this campaign truly exceptional. It’s evident that a tremendous amount of effort and dedication went into its creation, resulting in impressive outcomes. Well done!”

And for the Charity Film: “We thought this campaign was truly worthwhile […]. It’s heartening to see that the film was well-received and has reached a wide audience. Their approach demonstrates a strong understanding of the subject matter and the importance of delivering a powerful message.”  

Nahar Choudhury, CEO of Solace, shared her thoughts on the accomplishment: “The demand for our services remains incredibly high, and both of these films highlight the ways in which the support we offer is vital and lifesaving for many people. We’re immensely proud of our staff, and these awards serve as recognition of their work, as well as the strength of the women and children we support.” 

Solace continues to be a beacon of hope for survivors, offering much-needed support, and empowering them to break free from the cycle of abuse. The charity hopes that these awards will further raise awareness about the important work they do and encourage more women and children to reach out for support when they need it. 

Both the Seven Years of Christmas campaign and the Charity Film can be viewed on Solace’s official Vimeo and YouTube channels respectively. 

Seven Years of Christmas: 

Solace Charity Film: 

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