Protect our Women (POW)


The Protect Our Women (POW) Project is a school-based provision delivering a wide range of education programmes to children, young people, professionals, and parents. POW is aimed at raising awareness on strains and root causes of VAWG, healthy relationships, and emotional wellbeing, taking a holistic and preventative approach to tackling VAWG. The Project is commissioned by Haringey and is on its 10th year running and has been expanded and adapted based on feedback and evolving needs over the years. Across Projects & Programmes POW has received stellar feedback from CYP and professionals. All programmes and sessions can be delivered on a bespoke basis.


  • POW is free to all Haringey-based Schools
  • Primary and Secondary Schools and Colleges


  1. POW, RSE Provision:
    Highly interactive, age-tailored, and expert-led Programme, designed according to DfE Guidance and delivered from a VAWG-expert, child centred, and trauma- informed approach. Each Programme is paired with a Learning Journal.
    POW Primary Programme: 10 sessions.
    POW Secondary Programme: 12 sessions, AQA Accreditation (level 1 and level 2).
  2. Emotional Wellbeing Programme :
    Highly interactive, age-tailored, and expert-led Programme, includes Primary and Secondary provisions of 6 sessions each. Aims to support CYP in understanding and managing feelings, and develop positive coping mechanisms and a healthy relationship with the self. Each Programme is paired with a Learning Journal.
  3. Whole School Approach:
    Targeting CYP, teachers, professionals, and parents, addressing CYP’s healthy relationships on all levels. An important aim for POW is to support schools by having a VAWG professional in the school: identifying risk-cases, signposting, handling disclosures, policy-writing, etc.
  4. Currently Piloting:
    Boys & Young Men’s Programme: 10 sessions, providing a space for B&YM to examine un/healthy models of masculinity.
    Message in a Bottle Project: A sustainable peer-mentoring project for primary/secondary school CYP.




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